Hi, I'm Joyce Roco: a human-loving techionista with 12+ years experience of building digital products and leading user-centered design initiatives. I believe humanizing tech experiences can make the world a better place: one that is more inspiring, sustainable and inclusive by making the complicated simple.



Product Design

Designer & Leader

As Product Designer I implement a human-centered design process to create the best possible digital products. I work across product strategy, user research, high level UX, and elegant UI, unraveling what’s complicated into intuitive and meaningful products that users and product teams love.

I lead with empathy and enthusiasm. I oversee diverse interdisciplinary teams, fostering relationships with both designers and stakeholders to establish design practices that people want to work with and be a part of. It brings me joy to help people and companies achieve their full creative potential and translate vision into reality.

UX/UI Design

Consultancy & Design

With my 10+ year experience in User Experience Design I strive to develop a harmonious relationship between the (emotional) needs of a user and digital capabilities. The User Experience design of a digital product can drastically impact the success of an app or a website, and hence directly impact an enterprise's bottom line.

With an UX audit I can help you identify and eliminate design-related user experience issues and achieve an easy-to-use product. I can map out barriers to conversion and find effective design solutions to remove them. Based on the outcome I can design, research, prototype and experiment with new or existing digital products to add value and create the best possible user experience.

Design Thinking Workshops


Like Charles Kettering was saying: “A problem well stated is a problem halve solved”. That is why I use the design thinking methodology to drive innovation and to define and validate the user needs of high-impact features and products. My approach to design is both collaborative and iterative where insights are the basis for an informed design process.

For me nothing works better than an intensive collaborative session that is aimed to solve specific problems. I can help you facilitate a design thinking workshop to deliver the best design decision for the problem you are trying to solve. As a result, you will have actionable goals with detailed roadmaps to achieve them.

Let's create something awesome together! -
Let's create something awesome together! -

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