As a down to earth Dutchie, based near Amsterdam, I consider myself an optimist, a student of life and an extravert mom of 2. I thrive in ambiguity, learning, exploring, and executing on fascinating problems and ideas. I've worked for big tech companies, small start-ups, and small business owners and realized that design is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. It can bring abstract ideas to life, captivate the curious, and convince the hesitant.

My ambitions are fierce, but I never take myself too seriously. Personal experiences and values give me an innate appreciation for human differences and an inquisitive open-mind when faced with new information - the secret ingredients that make me a great designer and leader.


A little

Growing up, I have always been a design-minded child. Whether this meant art classes or drama performances, pottery or painting, there was no doubt in my little mind that the creativity pathway was built for me. Navigating my childhood was exciting, because even though I had a clear direction the possibilities were endless — creativity was in everything around me, from the colourful and multifunctional bricks of Lego to the glowing shapes on my parents’ computer screens.

After a bumpy road, including throwing away my musical theater dreams, I eventually ended up as a Designer in the Travel Industry. At a quite interesting time I would say. The company I worked for was the first travel agency in the Benelux with an online booking engine and they needed someone to design that new play area. To be part of that transition was challenging, satisfying, and frightening at the same time. During that path I realized this is it. This is the working field where I want my creativity to evolve. My love for digital product design was born.

Selected Works